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Relax & Explore your creativity at 
Nettle Berry Holistics

My name is Kellie, and I’m a part time Reiki Therapist located in Brigham City, Utah inside Full Circle Wellness Center!
I have been a Reiki Practitioner for over 2 years applying my own Intuitive methods based in the Usui method, as well as Italian Folklore healing practices.

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Nettle Berry Holistics

Where Healing Meets Insight, Embrace the Journey to Holistic Wellness!

At Nettle Berry, we believe in complementing modern medicine with holistic practices. Our approach, while not a replacement for medical care, serves as an additional tool for healing. Experience the profound effects of Reiki and holistic wisdom in our serene space.
During your session I channel reiki energy to harmonize your body's chakras, promoting balance and relaxation.

Intuitive Reiki Sessions

Bringing balance to your chakras, and moving stagnant energy

Assorted Crystals
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